Popular Game Fruit Ninja Released In Tizen Store

The popular game Fruit Ninja is now released in Tizen Store. This is very popular genre with a billions of downloads on other mobile platforms. It almost 7 years has been passed since when it released first time on mobile devices. Presence of Fruit Ninja on iOS devices gave it good response from gamers. It was highly trending and most recommended game in the App Store for many years. After the long time journey it now landed into Tizen Store. It is official Fruit Ninja Free game from Halfbrick Studios Pvt. Ltd. developers, well known for thir strategic games. The game was ruling on iPhone, iPad & Android smartphones over more than 7 years. Also it is one of the most popular games on mobile devices.

It has causal gameplay for all kinds of audience, specifically for children. You have to just cut the fruits which seen on the screen. It is touch and swap type of genre where you have to use your fingers to control it. Many fruits will appear on the screen, cut them into two pieces to get better score. Many rewards are waiting to unlock, just careful with the bombs. Dodge them or it will hurt your ranking and it will cause you to lost that level. It is different than those action games like Modern Combat 5, Call of Duty and others. The main aim of this game is to entertain large audiences with simple but effective gameplay.

Fruit Ninja on Tizen

Get into the juicy carnage with the various range of blades and dojos to choose from. Always try to make new high score by slicing as many as fruits with sharp blade. Move your blade in any direction to cut the fruits. It has banana, pineapple, apple, water lemon, and many other fruits. It created with high quality graphics and best visual effects same as its other versions.

The app released in two versions – one is free to play & for other you have to pay Rs. 65. In the paid version you don’t need to buy in app features to unlock add on. Both game versions are in the popular app rankings. So you choose which game you want to play.

It has timer to examine your gaming skill, slice more fruits in given time to make higher score. It is best casual genre to play in your free time. The Fruit Ninja game is now available in Tizen Store. You can download it on Samsung Z3, Samsung Z2 and Samsung Z1 smartphone. The new Samsung Z4 smartphone is best device to try Fruit Ninja, game runs smooth on it so we recommend you to play on newer device. It is mostly recommended game on mobile phones so I also challenge you to play this game on your Tizen device and make a high record.

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