Productivity App Collabio Documents Launched On Tizen

The new productivity app Collabio Documents is launched in Tizen Store for all Tizen smartphones. Users can now edit their documents, spreadsheets and presentations in this tool. The Productivity category in Tizen Store is always empty due to lack of apps. The editing apps are really essential for all people, either it is student, business person or corporate officers. Everyone needs Editing tools on their laptops or phones. The problem is not with computers, it has world class productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Google Suite & Apple work tools. The appearance of Collabio Documents will change it someway on Tizen. Customers can easily use it to create new documents or edit the previous one. Even you can save or send your documents to the other phones or computer system.

The work you have to complete can be done easily by using it. If you are working on any presentation and want to make some changes into the current work then this tool will help you to edit it according to your need. Many types of documents can be edited into the Collabio Documents app. To do it just go to the memory storage of your device & then choose your file and then open it in the app. It is very simple, just click the ‘+’ button on the app and enter into your memory storage. Then make any changes as per your requirements.

Collabio Documents on Tizen

The Collabio Documents app works on all smartphones – Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1. It is free app and now available in Tizen Store. To get it from Tizen Store, go to the New app section or search it by name. This app is newly launched on Tizen devices, so you must wait for another update to get proper results. The official description of the app is below.


Collabio is a cutting-edge software suite designed to significantly increase productivity. With the Collabio Documents mobile app, there are no more barriers to efficient work on any device, anywhere.

Collabio Documents includes a range of document editors. With the Collabio Documents software suite, you can:

• Create and edit text documents
• Work in spreadsheets
• Utilize broad formatting options