Read Business News With The Economic Times App On Tizen

The Economic Times is the new app to serve you best news from business world. For the businessman it is very important to always stay updated with current market situation. I am also a business person so I know that very well. I always follow some business Magazines to know about latest news and trends from business world. If you are the person who always checks market share and news related it then you can use The Economic Times App also known as ET App. It is the app from India’s top news channel with same name, and for their smartphone users they launched it.

The Economic Times will give all the market data from BSE and NSE stock market, the two biggest stock market in India. It covers all the finance, Market and economy news and their impact on share holders. You can take help of this app to better understand world business market, also for the better understanding it gives all the latest and popular news from all across the world.

Also provide you live BSE and NSE sensex reports at your fingertips. You can read views of world’s popular business person and their reviews on market. If you have shares in market then you can watch your stocks and their future trends.


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Actually, in this app they covers almost all topics including auto, advertising, entertainment, consumer and legal and environmental news etc. The Economic Times App is now available for Tizen phones, if you are entrepreneur or business person and have bought Tizen device then you can use it daily.

This app also let you know current affairs and latest political news inside the country. It is one of the most trusted business app in India for the corporate world. The Economic Times is landed here with all their official features so you can use it. The app supports new Samsung Z2 smartphone as well as last generation Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 smartphone.