Realme Band Praises with Music Control & Stop Watch Features

Realme Band known for its budget price and handy of functions in the market. When it launched in March, it received some basic functionalities that we need in one fitness tracker. Now with the latest firmware versions, the fitness band is becoming more powerful than ever. In the first software update, Realme Band got to find my phone, weather & restart functions. These functions supposed to come pre-installed but the company missed it. The second software version is again brought further functions that every user these days found useful. The Music Control & StopWatch are now the part of Realme Band.

The Music Control should be the part of the Realme Band when it launched or in the first update. Users can control their favorite music, play the next songs, play previous songs, or pause it. You can also increase or decrease the audio sound and see the song’s name. Samsung was quite late to introduce the music control function on Galaxy Fit, which is five times expensive than this one. Though, finally, the user can use the music controller function on the Realme Band. The stopwatch is a handful in sports games and in other such activities. With the latest version Realme has also squashed some minor bugs to provide better services.

Realme Band Update

The fourth change is heart rate function, which will remind you when your heart rates fall below or go above normal beats. The latest firmware version is now available to download in India and it will come to all in three stages. To get the latest update, go to the Realme Link app and search it manually. The company suggests you should charge enough battery to install 10 minutes firmware version.