Realme Watch Gets Couple of Features in New 81.0 Version

Realme watch is upgrading to the new version number 81.0 in India with a couple of features. The second update for the smartwatch has brought some essential changes to the watch UI. The change in 81.0 version is that now Realme Watch will display 10 incoming messages in the notification bar. Before the update, the Realme Watch couldn’t store the messages, so when the new message comes, the old one disappears. It was challenging for some users when they receive more than one message, email, or text. Now, the new update allows users to store 10 messages on the watch.

The new notification management function is always welcome, but the catch is the limit is now 10. If you receive more than 10 messages, then automatically, the first one will be deleted and then the next one. Apart from that, the changelog mentions the watch UI language support for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian, ahead of the launch of Realme Watch & Realme Band in Europe. It has also added automatic turn-of function and custom Do Not Disturb mode. The battery improvement and the known bugs fixes are also part of the update.

Realme Watch Update

Some more functions have found out by GSMArena. As per the report, improvement comes to heart rate, blood oxygen level, and the watch shows the charging percentage. The smartwatch also shows the power off and then restart option when you hold the power button for three seconds. Overall, the update is very satisfying for the users on June 22. The Realme Watch will officially launch in major European countries. It has priced at nearly $60 for European countries.