Realme Watch S Pro V1.3.0.65 Update Deals with Many Issues

The first major firmware update is heading to Realme Watch S Pro that deals with many known issues. The version V1.3.0.65 is releasing in India. In the only addition, it adds a message vibration reminder in the Always-on display mode. The function will alert users about the upcoming messages so they couldn’t miss them. It has even fixed the message reminder function for a better user experience. Along with it, the functions like Stopwatch & Alarm clock have fixed, and users can expect better results from them.

With the new update, Realme has fixed two major problems that many users were facing and demanding the fixed version. The issue where the screen can not display when you move your hand to see the main screen is now fixed. Many users faced this issue when they tried to see the time and other features while on the walk or run. Again, the fixes come to heart rate synchronization accuracy, and connectivity between Watch S Pro & the companion Realme app has stabilized.

First Watch S Pro Update

Apart from that, the company has squashed minor known issues. To install the latest version on your Watch S Pro, open the Realme Link app on your paired smartphone. After that, head to Settings – Device update. Here, you tap on the button to start the download.