Product (RED) Apple Watch Spotted Online

The new report says Apple is going to introduce Product RED Apple Watch Series 5 in early 2020. The upcoming Apple Watch has spotted in the Apple database by a French website. The site had revealed RED Apple Watch and took it offline from the database before Apple removed the images. Two published images pointing out Apple will unveil Series 5 in a new color. Every year, in the Spring, the company announces Product RED Apple devices, but in 2020 it might happen before the Spring arrive.

The product RED is Apple’s initiative to work with other organizations for the charity. In the Product RED, Apple release iPhone, iPad, iPods & watch cases every year in Spring in RED color for the charity purpose. Apple Watch lineup was the only product that wasn’t into the RED list but now the Cupertino company is selling it too. The report claims, this Apple Watch will cost the same as the Apple Watch Series 5 but in the Red color with the same color straps.

Red Apple Watch

In the last few months, Apple Watch Series 5 is the most selling premium smartwatch in many countries. Now the Product RED will make sure to keep the trend going. The rumors who believe Apple will introduce iPhone 11 in Red color as the company launched iPhone Xs, Xs Max & Xr in these colors. In the next month, we will get clear pictures of these upcoming products.