Rumors Spotted Samsung Gear Smartwatches Running On Android Wear

The day before yesterday we have covered the news about Samsung’s next Gear smartwatches strategy, where company will be going to abandon Tizen with regards to Android Wear OS. Now to confirm this news another trusted rumor @evleaks has said it has seen Samsung employees wearing Gear smartwatches running on Android Wear operating system. It is another rumor’s prediction, but we should trust on it with some percentage. Because @evleaks is one of the most trusted rumor mill and well known for its accurate predictions. In the past it has rumored many accurate specs about Samsung as well as some other unreleased devices.

This is not the first time when rumors telling about the Gear wearables. Many rumors are now started to confirm the news since last few weeks. Some are also suggesting that the next Gear smartwatches will be called as Samsung Galaxy Watch instead of Samsung Gear. The first Gear watch was running on Android Wear but later Samsung decided to go with its own home grown Tizen OS. The Tizen was the official OS of Samsung Gear S2, Gear S3 & Samsung Gear Sport smartwatches.

Samsung S4 Android Wear

The other Gear series devices like Gear Fit2, Gear 360, Gear IconX & Gear Fit are also running on Tizen, but there is no news about them. It is unclear whether those devices too run on Wear or will continue with Tizen OS. Few days ago another rumors mill was confident on two separate smartwatches for both platforms. There are chances Samsung may launch two separate Gear models for both Android Wear & Tizen OS. We don’t think Samsung want to close its new Tizen OS project which are going well in some ways.

The upcoming Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch could be the first Samsung wearable to run on Wear OS, which might launch in August. If you want to run Wear OS on Gear S3 then it is possible by porting it. We have covered that article already so you can check it. And for this news we must wait few more days to hear from official spokesperson of Samsung. What do you think, do you believe it or you still believe that Samsung will go with its own OS? Give your opinion in the comments section.