Samsung Announces Blood Pressure Monitoring App for Galaxy Watches

Samsung has finally received certification from the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) in South Korea. The certification now allows Samsung to officially launch the blood pressure monitoring app on its Galaxy Watches. Today, Samsung has announced it will launch a new Samsung Health Monitor app to measure blood pressure from your wrist. Till now, Samsung was reliable on My BP Lab 2.0 app to monitor blood pressure and stress management, but soon, users will get the official app.

The new Samsung Health Monitor will take advantage of advanced sensors of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to track the cuffless blood pressure monitoring data. The data will be used to prevent any heart, brain or kidney related deceases so users could take mandatory precautions. Samsung said it is only Software as a Medical Device and the app is to provide health data. The company warns you do not take any medicine based on the app, and you better visit doctors for further treatment. Here is the official statement from Samsung.

Samsung Health Monitor App

Blood Pressure Monitoring App

Globally, high blood pressure is known to significantly increase your risk of brain, kidney and heart diseases, including stroke and coronary heart disease, when not managed properly. By helping users measure and track their blood pressure, the Samsung Health Monitor app gives people greater insight into their health and allows them to make more informed decisions, to lead healthier lives.

The app will launch on Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the third quarter of this year, and later it will introduce on upcoming Galaxy Watches. The app only support with Galaxy smartphones running on Android N or later versions. First, it will release in the home country and then you will see it in your country. Sadly, none of the previous Samsung watches will receive it. It would have been better if they had also launched it for the first Galaxy Watch Active as at the launch Samsung promoters promote Blood Pressure service.