Samsung & Boat Won Big Shares in Q3 2021 Wearable Market

After launching Galaxy Watch 4 in the market, there is not a single day Samsung regretted to made it. It is achieving new milestones every month, and the last one is not different. The Wear OS 3-powered Samsung smartwatch has now helped the company to rank the second spot in the wearable market. In the previous quarter, Samsung has reserved the second spot after Apple by beating Huawei & Xiaomi. In the independent sales, Galaxy Watch 4 has already become the most selling smartwatch in the closed quarter.

The device has also pushed the Wear OS platform to the 17% market share, making it the biggest winner after the WatchOS platform. Now talking about market shares, Samsung has earned 13.8% year-on-year growth to reach the most deserving spot. It has now reserved 9.2% market shares from the previous 8.9% shares in the same quarter. Apple has seen disappointment in the same period, which has lost 3.6% shares to other companies.

Samsung & Boat Market Shares

In the chart, Imagine Marketing company is a clear winner in the wearable market. The Indian-based company has shown tremendous 206% market growth from its previous numbers. It reached 7.2% shares from the 2.6% shares by beating companies like Huami, Fitbit, Garmin, and Noise. The reason Imagine Marketing, which makes smartwatches under the brand name of Boat, launches products in budget segments.

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