Samsung Browser Not Working On Tizen, Use Opera Mini

The last few days are most difficult for Tizen users. They are facing many problems one after another. The current WhatsApp Messenger issue has just solved by developers and now new issue has arrived. The Samsung Browser on Tizen smartphones is not working and most users are now found themselves in another trouble. Most customers uses Samsung browser on their Tizen smartphones to browse the net. It is light & fast browser from Samsung that comes preloaded on every Tizen smartphones. Looks like problem is now come to the Samsung browser, which need to be solved in mean time. Last week it was working fine and all websites were opening without any trouble.

This week it is failing to open all the websites by showing error message. It is showing error message, ‘The website is not secure’. And without any warning it is closing web pages. We can understand if the website is full of malicious information or harmful viruses, but it shows on normal websites too, like non profit websites who never collect user information. This is not the only problem, the Samsung Browser even showing error messages on secure websites which are encrypted with SSL certificates. We have checked TizenHelp website and it is giving same security error even when our website is secured with SSL certificate.

Opera Mini Web Browser

The Samsung developer team might fix it in few days, but if you want to surf internet at this moment then Opera Mini Web Browser is best option. Opera Mini is first official third party browser on Tizen. It is fast, secure and easy to use browser on all Tizen smartphones. The interface is very clean and look very modern on every web pages. For better view every websites will by default open in mobile formats. It depends on your choice, later you can change it to desktop version. It supports pinch-to-zoom functions to zoom pages. In the bookmarks you can save your all favorite websites or directly web pages to visit them later. This feature will save most of your important time. Users can synchronize bookmarks from desktop computers to mobile devices.

The Opera Mini allows users to download any kinds of files from the various sites. It also gives permission to download games and apps from its port but right now Tizen Store doesn’t support any third apps from unknown sources. May be this feature will helpful in future time. For the easy use of Facebook and Twitter, it has created special built in support for both these social media giants. Opera Mini browser supports on Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 & newer Samsung Z4 smartphones. To surf internet without any trouble you must use Opera Mini Browser.