Samsung Changed Interface of Galaxy Buds Plugin

Right before the announcement of Galaxy Buds 2, Samsung has released a new update for the Galaxy Wearable app plugin. The update has brought a couple of changes and the light mode interface to the app. Samsung has come along with its main interface for the Galaxy Wearable app, and only changes few parts when it became necessary. Though this time, the company has a renowned whole app with a couple of changes. First of all, there is no dark mode or dark background in the main section and the other areas.

Samsung has turned all in the light mode with white background. Also, there is no setting option to go back to the previous dark mode or black background. On the Reddit and Samsung community forums, the users have given mixed reviews for this sudden change. Some users are liking it, but some are not happy with it. On the main screen, the company has put only essential options that the company thinks are useful for users. From the front page, equalizer and Notifications options have been removed and sent to Earbuds settings.

Galaxy Buds Plugin Update

The animations in the tips & manual option also changed so users could understand them better. In the previous version, Samsung has changed the main logo from Orange to Blue, which is most related to the company’s Blue color. In the new update, the company has prepared itself with Galaxy Buds 2. The existing users of Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live & Galaxy Buds Pro can update the app. After the installation, you will get a new 3.0.21072951 app version of the Galaxy Buds plugin.

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