Samsung Could Make Galaxy A Phones Water-Resistant go swimming

Samsung’s flagship smartphones always enjoy more features than the Galaxy A series. Among the top-notch functions, the water-resistant technology is always exclusive to the premium phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It could change soon as Samsung planning to bring underwater protection to more mid-range & low-range devices. The report from The Elec claims the company could launch some of its next-gen Galaxy A series devices with different levels of water resistance ratings.

Although the technology comes to more devices, the IP rating will vary device-by-device basis. As the source points out the smartphones from the Galaxy A33 will be seen as an upgrade. Though the technology comes to more devices, there will be some phones that might not receive it to save the cost. The IP rating phones will sure increase the price rates of these smartphones, but some users may get benefits from it. It will attract more customers from its rivals, which lacks in this mid-range segment.

Galaxy A33 Leaked Image

Samsung will take silicone parts required to make it dust & waterproof from the South Korean firm Yuaiel. It is said both companies are working on these devices to mass-produce. In the previous leak, Samsung’s roadmap for the upcoming devices has come front, and it will launch mid-range devices from the beginning of the second quarter. Samsung has yet to confirm anything on this news, and it is better to wait to hear more from an official source.

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