Samsung Filed Patent for Rollable Display

Samsung can approach the futuristic technology, and it always comes up with innovative technology. It is proved by its first foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold, though the device faced some hardware problems due to which company deferred its launching date. But all these challenges couldn’t stop Samsung, and now it has come up with the idea of roll-up display. Company’s patent for rollable display has been discovered by Let’s Go Digital, and it gives glances about an upcoming smartphone with rollable display technology.

This patent reveals primary pictures about the appearance of the smartphone. The license shows that the device is like a regular phone, but at the inside, it has a rollable display which can be used to increase phones area. It shows that the top portion of the smartphone can slide upwards to reveal extra space. Though the device looks relatively traditional, it has the hidden display which could extend to show the extra space. It has bezel and sensors at the top side that would slide upwards.

Samsung Rollable

The first look of the phone in the patent makes it more than just a typical smartphone. It offers exciting features like better media view, extra space, and more critical is the rolling display with a sliding mechanism. There is no information about whether the sliding mechanism will automatic or by manually rolling the screen upwards. It will enable the users to increase the area of the device by a couple of inches as the phone accommodates rolling display in regular size smartphone.

At the present moment Let’s Go Digital explains that this technology is just patent and smartphone design may different at the time of production as we know that Samsung came across with issues in case of its foldable smartphone. However, the design of a foldable smartphone should boost the morale of the company for this future technology. LG already adopts rolling display technology, and probably it’s going to launch TV with the rolling display, this year.