Samsung & Fitbit Joined Wear OS for the Next Watches

Finally, rumors have come true. Samsung has joined the Wear OS platform for its next Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch Active 4. In the Google I/O event, Google has officially announced its & Samsung’s partnership on Wear OS. In the event, Google has also unveiled plenty of new features and modern UI for the watches. The smartwatches running on Wear OS by Google will get YouTube Music function later this year. The app will let users listen to any songs and also download them offline.

The Google Map has changed a lot in the new version of the watch. It can guide you more accurately and in offline mode. Samsung & Google claimed after the launch of Wear OS & Tizen OS watch, then users can expect better performance in overall quality. Google bait on 30% faster app opening, responsive user interface, and the improved battery life after the new version. Recently, bought Fitbit has also joined the Wear OS platform. The next Fitbit Sense 2 or Fitbit Versa 4 will run on Google’s platform and take full advantage of it.

Wear OS by Google

For Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch Active 4, users will get more apps, and Google services. They can download apps from Play Store, use Google Fit & Google Assistant, and pay with the Google Pay payment service. As per the new rumor, in the partnership, Google & Samsung have named their next operating system ‘TizenWear’. Samsung will unpack both Galaxy watches in July or August. Do you like Wear OS or not satisfied with this Samsung’s decision? Tell us in the comment below.