Samsung Foldable Phone Galaxy X Will launch In 2019

Samsung is always popular for launching its premier smartphones with laudable features and the latest technology in the market. In the last month Samsung launched its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 9 which has full of amazing features and it is capable to store 1TB of data. Samsung always focus on next generation technology and the recent rumour is that it is ready to launch its first foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy X very soon in the future. It would be a revolutionary technology and everyone is waiting to see this flexible and foldable smartphone. Though the official date for the release is not still revealed it is predicted that this smartphone would be launched by end 2018 or by early 2019.

The concept of foldable smartphone was put forward by Samsung in 2011 and it takes nearabout 8 years to bring this idea as a reality. With the latest leaks it is predicted that Galaxy X will come in January 2019. This foldable smartphone of Samsung will have curved battery with capacity up to 6000mAh and many new features suitable for Galaxy X. Other details are that it will have 7.3 inches display and its price is reckoned around $1850. The Samsung folding phone will cost twice as much as its rival folding smartphones like Oppo, Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers in the future.

Samsung Galaxy X

This device can be fold out to make tablet sized device from a phone sized device showing the features of folding smartphones. The device would have 4K display and resolution also would remain high even when the phone is folded. There are plenty of leaks and glimpses about the Galaxy X which according to leaks is ready for the launch by end 2018.

The current premium devices such as iPhone X, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9+, OnePlus 6, Google Pixel 2 XL etc. are made for console quality gaming and even complex multitasking features, but still there is a gap between such devices and one perfect gaming devices. We highly think next Samsung X foldable phone will cover that gap. What do you think, will you buy such a device for gaming purpose with such high price? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below.