Samsung Galaxy Fit e Received Bluetooth Certification

Samsung is near to launch its upcoming Galaxy smartwatch, Galaxy Sport in its next big event. Now we have latest information that suggests, Galaxy Sport or Galaxy Watch Active is not only the smartwatch to launch in next event but Samsung also planning to launch its next fitness band Galaxy Fit e in the same event. The Galaxy Fit e has appeared on Bluetooth SIG site and received Bluetooth certification. The model number of the device is SM-R375 with the mysterious software version R375.001.

The device will be the next successor of Gear Fit2 & Gear Fit2 Pro. It make sense that Samsung is changing its ‘Wear’ brand with the new Galaxy naming line-up. As we reported earlier, Samsung might launch more than one watches in its February 20 event along with Galaxy S10 smartphones and next wireless earbuds & this might be the another wearable that will be introduced in the same US event.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e

The news is almost confirmed that Galaxy Sport or Galaxy Watch Active is going live in the February 20 event and now we have more than enough data for the smartwatch. The leaked images show two sizes of upcoming fitness watch, it might be 42mm & 46mm versions, same as current Galaxy Watch. Last documents and some rumors suggest 3 models of the watch and the possible color options. Then there is the new render who says the next Samsung smartwatch possibly come with smaller battery power.

Samsung’s next event is going to be busy with lots of premium devices as it will release Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Sport or Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit e fitness band. The wireless earbuds is surprisingly new entry into the event so we have to see what Samsung brings in the next event. Stay tuned to get latest information about these upcoming gadgets.

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