Samsung Galaxy Note 10 May Have 64MP Camera

The rivalry for best camera smartphones is very high in the global market and Samsung is now preparing for it. Well, Samsung’s next 64 Megapixel camera sensor is saying lots about it. There are highly chances that we can see 64MP camera on next Samsung Galaxy N10 or Galaxy S11 smartphones. The news is, Samsung has introduced an innovative ISOCELL Bright GW1 camera sensor to expand the camera quality of the devices. This sensor is capable to provide higher resolution than the prevalent cameras and it is based on the Tetracell technology.

Though it offers high resolution, it maintains same pixel size as of the existing 48MP sensors. With this advanced step Samsung has expanded it’s 0.8 micrometer image sensor category from 20MP to the 64 MP resolution.

Samsung’s latest ISOCELL Bright GW1 image sensor is aimed at producing high resolution images with the existing 0.8 micrometer pixel image sensor. This will obviously take the experience of photography to the advanced level with its promising features such as incredible 16MP images in low-light visibility. The innovative step by Samsung may further encourage the trend of high resolution photographs through the mobile, which is already increased with the 48MP camera.

Samsung 64MP Camera

GW1 supports real-time high dynamic range of up to 100 decibels, that provides greater hues. This feature allows to take pictures which resembles the way human eye perceives it’s surrounding in a mixed light environment. It is also equipped with Dual Conversion Gain feature that helps to optimize the capacity of the sensor with utilizing the collected light more efficiently, that too in bright environments.

In addition, the size of this sensor is slightly bigger than the 48MP image sensor. It also offers super phase detection auto-focus technology with 480 fps recording feature that is useful for the slow motion video recording. Further, Samsung also launched 48MP ISOCELL Bright GM2 sensor which also adopts a Tetracell technology for optimized image quality in low-light environment.

In the market premium phones like Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Galaxy S10 & iPhone XS series are the few phones which are capable to shoot quality images. The next year will be the innovative year for smartphone camera industry. What do you think? Give us your opinion in the comment box below.