Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tricks That You Should Know

Last month Samsung launched its new smartphone in the Note series, Galaxy Note 9 which is now available in market. This smartphone is fully loaded with all new updates and laudable features that lured the customers. The Galaxy Note 9 has 6.4 inches Super AMOLED display and with high resolution. The device is paired with 128GB internal storage with 6GB RAM and 512GB internal storage with 8GB RAM and supporting 512GB external storage thus device supports 1TB of data. There are some features of Galaxy Note 9 which you may know about to use the device effectively to your advantage.

1. The users of this phone can turn on the screen of Galaxy Note 9 without touching the device. Sometimes we are busy in work and this feature becomes effective and handy for us to check the notifications. Once this feature is enabled you can move your hand above the sensor to turn on the screen without touching it. As this feature is available for other Samsung smartphones this is not exclusive for Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9

2. If you are disturbed by the LED notification light of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 then you have the option to disable the LED notification light. You have options whether to disable the LED light permanently or disable it only at night when you don’t need it actually. For this purpose, you have to go to the settings to configure the LED light with your choice.

3. Recently the users of Galaxy Note 9 resorted to Twitter for complaining about unavailability of the button to disable the Bixby. Samsung responded the customers that it will make available the Bixby deactivation on lock screen by the end of September. This will make it easier for the customers to disable the Bixby button functionality when the display is turned off.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now available in all the major markets with some gifts offer and discounts for the customers. You can buy it from Amazon and other online retailers or from Samsung website.