Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Receive AI Camera Features

Samsung is planning to install the feature of scene optimizer for cameras in its flagship smartphones of Android 9 Pie versions. The feature of scene optimization which is currently available in Galaxy Note 9 will also be available in Galaxy S9 & S9+ shortly in the future. This feature helps you taking better quality pictures with the help of the integrated Artificial System of the device, Galaxy Note 9 users enjoy this function currently. The AI system and software combinedly work to give the perfect picture by adjusting the color settings of the camera.

There is the news that scene optimizer will be the separate mode of the camera so that there should be no compromise with the quality of the pictures taken using the auto mode. But for the users of Galaxy Note 9 the separate mode of scene optimizer is not available and it can be activated from the setting of the camera. This functionality will be available soon for the Note 9 users also.

Samsung Galaxy S9

As along with this feature of the scene optimizer which is brought from Note 9 to S9 & S9+, there is another one such feature which is to be installed. Flaw detection of the images captured, with the help of AI you will know all the flaws in the photos and will be able to capture the perfect photo.

The use of AI in the camera app is going to change the notion of photography in various ways as you will get the experience of the best shot with your camera. Samsung is planning to overhaul the camera features of its premiums flagship smartphones to match the realities of the changing demands and help the users in real-time.

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