Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Details Revealed

Update 1st August: The popular leakster @evleaks has revealed an Under Armour model of upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2. The watch will compete with Appleā€™s Nike+ variants which solely dedicated to fitness purposes. Under Armour is well known fitness awareness program that take programs and have fitness apps in the store. Now tie up with Samsung will grab some Fitness-centric users that benefit both companies.

Update: Samsung officially declared it will unveil next-generation Galaxy Watch Active 2 on August 5th. The previous rumor date was August 7th, along with Galaxy Note 10. Today, Samsung posted a video on its website, where it clearly indicates the smartwatch will introduce in the first week of August. We will update for further news about the next watch.

The original rumored article below.

Samsung launched its premium Galaxy Watch in August last year and followed by Galaxy Watch Active which had revealed in February 2019. There are various rumors about the upcoming smartwatch, and it has codenamed as Renaissance, which means revival. From the codename, we can guess that the upcoming smartwatch may improve and overhaul the version of last year’s Galaxy Watch with several additional features.

At the present moment, we have very few details, but the information from leaks gives us an idea about the design and features of the watch.

Like its predecessor, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also expected to come into two different size variants. The model numbers of the upcoming watch of WiFi and Bluetooth models are SM-R820 and SM-R830. For the LTE version model number includes SM-R825 and SM-R835 from these multiple models, we can guess that like the Galaxy Watch we may see two versions.

There are also speculations about the Galaxy Watch 5G version, and it is model numbers could link to SM-R827 and SM-R837. If this is true, then it’s going to be Samsung’s first 5G ready smartwatch.

On the aspect of internal storage, the watch has predicted to have 4GB of internal storage which matches with the other Samsung smartwatches. Leaks also inform that watch will make available in multiple color options including gold, silver, black and more other color choices.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

When it comes to the rotating bezel, at this moment, we have little information about the company’s approach towards the design. Samsung’s recent trademark filings involve the Digital Bezel, Samsung Touch Bezel, and Touch Wheel. It is interesting to know details about whether the physical rotating bezel possibly replaces with the digital bezel, it will clear at the time of launching.

Unlike the earlier rumors, the recent rumors suggest that the upcoming watch might successor of Galaxy Watch Active and it would Galaxy Watch Active 2. Stories also mention that this version could equip with ECG feature for a more heart health monitoring facility.

ECG feature at wrist enables users to monitor heart data with optimum accuracy and share it with the physician for improved insights. Active 2 may also equip with an atrial fibrillation notification system with proactive health monitoring as well as a fall detection feature. Other details about this version will be available closer to the launching date.

Source: SamMobile

Three Models Coming, No ECG for Galaxy Watch Active 2

Unlike the previous rumors, the watch will not accompany an electrocardiogram feature for this year’s model. According to the sources, this version of the watch will come with three variants, namely the LTE model, Bluetooth-only model, and Under Armour-branded Bluetooth model.

Samsung is waiting for FDA approval for the ECG feature and being predicted to get approval sometime in the first six months of 2020. The company will release the ECG feature onboard next month with the announcement that the feature will work only after the company rolled out software update next year.

However, at the time of launching watch will be equipped with some heart rate monitoring feature, including an alert system in case the heart varies to the high or low.

Samsung is continuously working to improve the health and fitness aspects of its smartwatches. Though the fitness aspect is the primary driver, the Active 2 is halfway between Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active as many of the features of these watches will also available in this version.

All the versions this watch will come in two size variants of 44mm or 40mm models. The exciting thing is that the Under Armour version of the watch will be available exclusive sport strap and integrated MapMyRun as well as free service for the six months.

At present, there are no details available about the launching date of the upcoming watch. However, we can guess from the launch of Galaxy Watch that the company will reveal the watch with its flagship Galaxy Note 10, which has set to release on 7th August.

Source: Wareable