Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Version Now Available From Verizon

New Samsung Galaxy Watch, the premium smartwatch launched few months ago is now available from Verizon. The watch is available in two different size variants of 42mm and 46 mm and Verizon offered both models of LTE-compatible smartwatch through its platform. It was launched with the updated Tizen 4.0 Operating System and contains many advanced features that improve the reliability and usability of the watch.

The Galaxy Watch is available as Bluetooth only and LTE only models. As the LTE-enabled models are now available on Verizon you can purchase them with different plans available. The 42mm model which cost $379.99 is available with $15.83 per month for over 24 months period payment option. You can even save your $50 and buy the same model for $329.99 by signing a two-year contract. For the 46mm model which cost $399.99 you can choose $16.66 monthly payment option for the 24 months period. Here also you can sign a 24 months pact to get it for $349.99.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The watch is built with the Super AMOLED display of 1.2 inches and 1.3 inches for 42mm and 46mm model respectively and supported with high resolution power of 360×360 pixels. Built with Tizen 4.0 OS and Run on Exynos 9110 Dual-core 1.15GHz processor it has the excellent features and performance capability. The LTE-enabled models of the Galaxy Watch come with 4GB of internal storage and 1.5GB RAM. Both the models are fuelled with the excellent battery life which supports the several hours of mixed usages with single charging.

Other notable features of the Galaxy Watch include its improved health and tracking system. It supports more than 60,000 watch faces and have essential apps. It is now capable to track more exercises than its predecessor model and has improved heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring system. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is now available to purchase from official Verizon website for US customers.

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