Samsung Gear S3 Received Another Battery Related Update

The common issue on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is its poor battery performance. To overcome this problem Samsung has released another battery related software update. The Samsung Gear S3 wearable in US, Canada and South Korea has received new firmware update with the changelog R760XXU2CRC3. This problem was occurred when company released new Tizen 3.0 firmware update for its new Gear S3 & Gear Sport smartwatches. The Gear S3 was the one who badly affected by new software. Many customers were facing problems like upto 60% less battery performance and sudden device restart.

To solve this problem company had rolled out new update, which improved battery life by some percentage. Now according to the development team this new version will improve battery life by few more percentage. No one yet sure how much impact this new version will give on battery life. The other feature in the update is its Bluetooth connection stability, this is not the primary concern. Not all customers have issue with Bluetooth but I think company want to improve it anyway.

Gear S3 Update

Last week two of the Gear wearables have got major firmware updates. The second generation Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch has got long waited update, with full of features. It is still running on Tizen 2.4 version so this update has given some relief. In the another update Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has received another update to make it perfect fitness bands. Company added many fitness apps and features into the fitness band.

The new Samsung Gear S3 update is currently rolling out in US, Canada & South Korea. It will hit next week in the other countries. To get latest version on your Gear S3 Classic & Gear S3 Frontier models, go to Settings > About Gear > Update Gear Software. Install new update on your smartwatch and tell us your own experience with it. Don’t forget to mention how much battery life has improved after the new version.

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