Samsung Gear S4 Might Run On Android Wear

There is new rumors has been rising that the next generation Samsung smartwatch Gear S4 might run on Android Wear operating system. The leakster Ice Universe has reported this news & said the next Samsung Gear wearable might run on Android Wear OS instead of Samsung’s own Tizen OS. The next Gear Smartwatch could be Samsung Gear S4 or Gear Sport 2, whatever the name that might run on Android. Samsung has adopted its own Tizen OS for the all electronic devices, from smartphones to smartwatches & from refrigerators to Fridges. All these devices connected by company with IOT technology. And now if company goes with Android platform then it will create another chain for Samsung.

Android Wear is not bad OS for wearables. In fact, it is more advanced technology than Tizen. It is supported by almost all developers across the world & users can get nearly all major apps for Wear watches. The Tizen platform is new compare to Android. It has created in 2014 to connect all the electronics devices. Samsung Gear S2 was the first smartwatch to run on Tizen OS and later it carries on all Samsung flagship wearables including fitness bands & home appliances.

Samsung Gear S4

The original Samsung Gear S was actually run on Android Wear platform. Later Samsung abandoned Android Wear & decided to go with its home grown OS. Tizen is now runs on Samsung Gear S2, Gear S3 Frontier & Classic, Gear Sport, Gear VR, Gear IconX, Gear Fit, Gear Fit2 Pro & Gear 360. Although Tizen is not bad at all for IOT gadgets. With new platform company has created different environments for its devices. If you see in the market then Gear S3 & Gear Sport are most selling gadgets along with Apple Watch & Android watch.

If the news is true & Samsung decides to go with Android then it will not easy for company. First thing is they would have to compromise with Bixby voice assistance, because Android doesn’t support heavy customization. The other thing is about Watch Faces, because it is the best thing on Gear wearables by far. To overcome this situation Samsung might go with another way, and that is, create two separate watches. This way company can keep both customers happy without loosing them. What do you think, Samsung should go with Android OS or it should stay with its own Tizen OS? Give your thoughts in the comments section below.