Samsung Gear S4 Will Release With New Gold Color

The Samsung Gear S4 release date is coming near and most rumors are trying to spread more information about it. The latest rumor data for new wearable is predicting there would be new color option for customers. Samsung may launch Gear S4 smartwatch with Gold color option with its existing color models. Right now company only launches smartwatches into black color option but now new color would be added into the list. It is now almost confirm that the next wearable will not run Android Wear operating system, instead it will run on whatever next Tizen version. The next Tizen version could be Tizen 4.0 software version or they could launch it with current 3.0 update, which is currently running on Gear S3 & Gear Sport wearables.

To make it powerful Sport watch Samsung will go with bigger battery on the watch, make it last longer than the predecessors. The battery issue on Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier watches have been already messed company. After new version battery performance of Gear S3 had drastically decreased 15% than expected. Samsung don’t want to make same mistake with next Samsung Gear watch. This time company will built bigger battery for more juice than previous models.

Samsung Gear S4

Samsung Gear S4 will come with 4G LTE version along with other versions and that’s good for customers. Company can launch it in the next month of August, which is also the same month to release Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phablet phone. There are possibilities Samsung could launch both devices in the same events. Company had did it before and they can do it again to make it huge event. If they do it then it is good for both devices and they both will launch somewhere in last week of August or in first week of September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be going to launch on August 9 so we can say the Gear S4 will launch on same date. The bigger battery, Tizen 4.0 version, less bezel round and new exclusive features will make Samsung Gear S4 one of the most waited Samsung smartwatch. We will inform you when there is more news about upcoming gadget. What do you think, will you buy new Gear S4 when it will launch in market or are you satisfied with your current smartwatch? Let us know your decision in the comments box below.