Samsung Gives Free Care+ Subscription to Tab S7 FE LTE/5G Users as Compensation

Samsung is giving a free Samsung Care+ subscription for Galaxy Tab S7 FE LTE/5G users in its home country. The reason, the company has launched Wi-Fi only variant in the country and most of the LTE/5G users didn’t like it & ask for refunds. At the time of launching of the S7 FE model in the country, Samsung never disclosed any plan for Wi-Fi only model. Now, the cheaper version is available in South Korea, most customers feel cheated. In the defense, Samsung said there was a shortage in global semiconductor supply and demand, so they have to postpone the launch.

In the compensation, users will get 12 months of free Care+ subscription worth nearly $100. Though we don’t know about the other country yet, Samsung is giving free Care+ service in South Korea. In June, Samsung launched Galaxy tab S7 FE with LTE/5G version in supported countries. It is available in most countries including the US, India, and Samsung’s home country South Korea.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE Care+ Service

After the success of Galaxy S20 FE, it is the first fan edition from the company in its tablet range. It is the most promising premium tablet from Samsung for the users, and most of the customers went for it in the first sale. Though the problem was, Samsung never shared its plan for Wi-Fi only variant for the future.

India & South Korea were also the countries that first received LTE-only models. The US users were lucky to get both models at launching, and on top of that, Samsung built a better processor in Wi-Fi only variant in less price. Now, after selling LTE-only models in some countries, Samsung has launched Wi-Fi-only models. As a result, most of the customers are now angry with the company for its late decision or feel cheated. In massive numbers, most of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE LTE users are asking Samsung for their money back.

They feel Samsung should have told them before about the Wi-Fi-only launching plan, so they could have decided which one to buy. But when they never knew any news about the other variant, they went for the LTE model. It is true that many customers choose Wi-Fi-only models, as they use their phone Wi-Fi, or they need it in the home or office where Wi-Fi is easily accessible.

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