Samsung Health Comes to Smart TVs, New Update Available

Samsung Health app, the all-in-one pack for your workout activities, is now coming to Smart TVs. Samsung has previously hinted at CES 2020 about the availability of Samsung Health services on 2020 Smart TVs & now it has launched on the new TV lineup. With support, users can now access over 5000 hours of fitness content. Also, users will get help from many fitness experts and their 250+ wellness articles & videos. It is the leading fitness app from Samsung for its smartphones, wearables & Smart TVs for fitness-centric users. Users can perform many indoor & outdoor activities to stay healthy with GPS tracking.

If you are unaware of the Health app, then it offers you a variety of features to live a balanced life. You will get running, cycling, badminton & hiking options. It comes with a treadmill, floors, weight, heart rate, water, blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood oxygen saturation functions. You can count your steps, burned calories, walked distance, and the remaining time with the GPS positioning. For the women, it comes with Menstrual Cycle function to track their monthly cycles, and also, there are tips to help them.

Samsung Health Update

The app update for Samsung Health is now available in the Play Store & iOS App Store. Now the updated version will allow to subdivide heart rate zones into 5 zones during a working session. To use the app on wearables or Samsung Smart TVs of 2020, then you have to first download the app on smartphones as a companion app. The Health app has downloaded over 1 billion times in the Play Store so you can bait on it for your daily fitness friend.