Samsung Introduced Wear OS Based One UI Watch OS

After abandoning Tizen OS for the Wear OS platform, Samsung has today showcased what its new smartwatch OS is capable of. Samsung’s take on Wear OS by Google will be called One UI Watch in the market. From now on, Samsung will launch all its upcoming watches with One UI Watch including Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung didn’t mention Galaxy Watch 4 or its features in the online event. It has though hinted at some exclusive functions for the smartwatch. The company further said it will unveil Galaxy Watch 4 this summer.

The new One UI Watch will make some moves effortless for users. If you download apps from Android Play Store, then they will automatically download on Galaxy Watches. You can also remove unwanted apps from your smartwatch if you want to. Samsung’s new OS is near to Wear OS than Tizen, so the synchronizing between paired smartphones & smartwatches is much closer than before. If you block one user on an Android smartphone that number will be automatically blocked on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung promises better battery life, faster app opening, and improved performance with the One UI Watch interface. Though it is early to come to any conclusion, we have to wait for the next watch. The new OS will list thousands of new apps to use in everyday tasks. Google’s favorite YouTube Play & Google Maps will come to watch along with Google Assistant, Google Fit & Google Keyboard. Samsung has also brought a new Watch Face Design Tool for developers to build creative faces.

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