Samsung is Killing Background Apps on Android 11

The topic came in the highlight when the two major websites DontKillMyApp & SamMobile covered an important article. Is Samsung is killing background apps after the Android 11 version? Well, they have put question marks behind it, but we won’t. Yes, it is true. Samsung kills background apps after the new Android 11-based One UI 3.1 version. It removes apps more than any other company that runs on the Android platform. Samsung tops on the list even when Google warns all companies not to do so.

All our Galaxy smartphones that run on Android 11 experience this issue. We also have experienced it when we didn’t find some apps that we use occasionally. Yes occasionally, because I use them when I need them. The first app was OYO, the hotel booking app and the other is Google Files, yes from Google. Now, when I was planning for the trip, then I found out that the OYO app is missing on the phone. First, I thought I accidentally may have deleted it, but later that day, when I searched for Google Files, then I find out that Samsung has removed them.

Samsung Apps

That’s strange because no one uses hotel booking apps daily, nor use the file-sharing app. People use some apps when they need them most. In this case, I was using the OYO app after a month, but who books hotels every day in the native city. Samsung says they kill it to save battery life and to clear some space. And if users want then they can change this behavior from Settings – Apps. I think Samsung needs to understand users don’t use many apps every day and let them decide about it.