Samsung is Working on 600MP Camera

The Korean giant is not backing off their 600 MP benchmark but it won’t come that easily. The company had stated once that their next goal would be having a megapixel that would be approximately equal to the human eye. The company plans to go from 500MP to 600MP and termed it as their future milestone. But this dream of the company won’t be that easy and will come with its challenges.

For the company to achieve this it will require a smaller pixel to keep the camera bump and area in place as they believe in small-pixel-large-megapixel. Samsung even hit the 0.7um mark with its Isocell HM2 sensor which was launched back in September. Probably, getting in larger sensors can bring in better video quality and the users will be able to capture videos at 4K and 8K resolutions.

600MP Phone Camera

Larger sensors will also improve the quality of the cropped images improving the overall quality. There are various options that the company could go with like using 0.8um pixel technology or probably having a thicker camera bump to house 600MP sensors which will be approximately 22mm thick that is three times as thick as the Galaxy S20. The space taken up by the camera in the rear will be 4 times that of 108MP camera spacing.

Samsung still considers the usefulness of having such big sensors in a smartphone and have to look into factors like practicality and portability or even usefulness in that matter. Though the company is still to comment on this, we do think they will take small steps and slowly increase from 108MP camera.