Samsung Leads In Premium Smartphone Market In India

According to the recently released report from the Cyber Media Research (CMR) Samsung dominates the premium smartphone market in India with 48% market share in the first half of the 2018. In this report OnePlus was ranked second with 25% market share in premium smartphone and Apple ranked third with 22% market share. In the end of last month according to the report of Counterpoint Research OnePlus was leading the Indian market with 40% share in the smartphone sector. These two reports vary because CMR’s report is based on the first 6 months of the 2018, where as the Counterpoints report is based on second quarter of 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ are the reason that Samsung gained lead in the first Quarter beating other competitors. These both devices were launched before the launch of OnePlus 6 that’s why Samsung got advantage of availability and sell making it leading. In India response for both premium gadgets – Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ were quite good. Now after the launch of many premium smartphones in the same range it made slow for Samsung to sell its high-end smartphones.

Samsung Market Shares

The Samsung Galaxy duo comes with the price tag of above 55k in the country, where as OnePlus 6 is available for only 35K, makes it cheaper premium smartphone in the segment. With the launch of Galaxy Note 9 the sell of Samsung is expected to rise in the third quarter making it to lead the market.

This month Samsung has launched its another powerful smartphone Galaxy Note 9 & Galaxy Sport in premium category. The Galaxy Note series is always on top in Samsung’s selling and trending list. The features on ninth generation phablet suggest Galaxy Note 9 would be hit and it will give Samsung its lost position into world market.