Samsung may Launch Three Foldable Phones Next Year

Korean tech giant Samsung will be launching three of its smartphones next year, which are likely to be Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite. There have various reports seen in the past where it had seen that the company will shift its focus from the Note series to its foldable variant the Z series in the coming year. There have been various speculations as to how the phones will be and what features they will hold.

Now we think that the phones will be showcasing a bigger screen size. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 will likely have a 6.7-inch internal screen and a 3-inch external screen while Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be having a 7-inch range internal screen and a 4-inch range external screen, and the Galaxy Z Fold Lite will also feature a 7-inch range internal screen and a 4-inch range external screen.

Galaxy Z Fold Lite

The company may also be having ultra-thin glass as cover windows and the hole punch display will probably remain the same. Regarding the camera, we believe that the phones might come with a UDC camera solution that means that the phone will have its front camera under the screen, giving you a full display and a very elegant look without the cut-out of the camera on the top.

Samsung is also said to be working on its image correction algorithm, and might even use a special display from its Samsung Display. These new technologies will give all the competitors a good competition next year. Which one will you pick, the Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, or the affordable Z Fold Lite?