Samsung may Open One UI 4 Beta For Nearly all Users in First Wave

Since the Beta Operation Manager has announced the One UI 4.0 Beta with Android 12, most of the users are now waiting for the launching date. Every year, when Samsung starts the beta joining, it only permits few users to join in the first wave. If you are lucky enough to open the Samsung Members app every day and sign in for the beta, then you could get the beta software version. If you are not, then you have to wait for the next date. Well, that could change this year.

This year Samsung has decided to recruit almost all users in the first wave or on the first launching date. Samsung always recruits only a few customers in the first phase. Remember when the company let in only a thousand users in beta testing. Most of the customers were disappointed by Samsung’s that decision. It is the reason, in the first launch Samsung is planning to open beta for almost all users who want to participate in the program.

Android 12 One UI 4.0 Beta Joining

The answer is coming from Samsung when a concerned user asked Beta Operation Manager that he should in advance declare the date of beta launching as it is very hard to visit the Members app every day. In the reply, the Beta Operation Manager said, this time the company will try to recruit enough users, so they don’t need to wait longer.

In the past, the company always posted beta joining links in the Members app, and on the first come first serve basis, it recruited limited users. This time users don’t need to always look in the Members app in fear to miss the confirmed seat. They can anytime go to the app and click on the joining link when the One UI 4 beta program opens. The beta program could also open in the US, UK, Germany & India. Hope in these countries too there is enough space for everyone to join.

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