Samsung may Postpone Release date of Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold was expected to launch in June, but the latest announcement from the company confirms its postponement (Source: Yonhap News Agency) due to some issues such as screen breaking and quality stabilization work. Company is offering a device to mobile operators in June and is testing network interworking. Company official remarked that “Samsung has learned from the scratch issue and stabilizing the quality of parts including film and display is quite time-consuming process.”

Though there is strong possibility of announcement of launch of Galaxy Fold in this month and release in next month, hardware stabilization work might be slower than expected. Samsung is expected to announce release schedule in next month and probably domestic launches will be prior to US launches. According to the company official “the schedule for the launch is not yet finalized and company is in position to announce it in few weeks.”

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is constantly working on the quality improvement of the Galaxy Fold as it came across with the issue of screen breaking of the device. Earlier, Samsung offered the option of cancellation of pre-orders by the customers. Samsung announced that if customers don’t cancel their pre-orders before phones are shipped then all the orders will be cancelled automatically by 31st May.

Last week, Best Buy cancelled all the purchase reservation for the device citing the reason of delay in announcement of the new launching date by the company. Previously, to stop customers from cancelling their pre-orders and wait for the official announcement, company offered reward points to all the customers. We will inform you all the updates about the launch date and announcement of the Galaxy Fold.