Samsung might Indirectly Help Apple to launch iPhone 14 with Folded Zoom Camera

Every year Apple tries to be a better version of themselves and keep upgrading to the best features the market has to offer. This year the company launched the iPhone 12 series that came with a 6.1-inches display and 5G support with Apple’s latest A14 chip. All iPhone models this year feature Super Retina XDR OLED displays and a new look with higher-definition 1080p FaceTime calls. For the year 2022, the company might be having Samsung’s parts for a camera module.

Companies like Samsung and Huawei are seen to be leading the camera department and Apple doesn’t want to be left behind anymore. The camera is one of the big specifications that people look for in smartphones today. The tech-savvy generation now doesn’t just buy any phone they will look into details like the camera pixels, display, video recording quality, and storage space. People now also look for the USP of the smartphone and how does it make the phone better than others.

iPhone 14 Rumors

Apple offers a lot to its users and has created a market for its own but the competitors are not behind. After Samsung, we believe the company might also launch its own folded zoom camera module. Though Samsung won’t supply the parts directly to the company but will give it to LG that will utilize it in the folded zoom camera module.

For those that aren’t familiar with a folded zoom camera, it means that the structure will have periscope technology that will enhance the zoom feature and will let the camera use the length of the phone instead of the thickness of the body and camera bump. Companies like Samsung, Huawei, and OPPO have utilized this module already in their phones.