Samsung Never Slow Down Smartphones With Old Batteries

In a statement Samsung has promised all their customers that it does not slow down its old smartphones. It is all started when Apple had slowed down old iPhone devices with older batteries to prevent crashing. It turned out to be in big controversy all over the world so finally Apple gave statement why they slowed it down. This is trending news on all social media platforms and customers wants to know whether their companies are doing same tricks with old phones. This is the first time when one company has confirmed this news in the public. It looks like it turned against Apple’s favor & now it is facing big trouble from all its customers.

Now slowly all smartphone companies giving statements on this matter to keep their customers. Recently, LG, OnePlus, Sony & Motorola companies have stated they don’t do such things with old mobiles. Samsung also one of them who just released statement on this issue. Samsung said it never slow down phones with older batteries.

Samsung Phones

Aaple is facing big trouble over this matter. Company has found in such things without customer’s permission. Many customers stated that old phone is their property and Apple don’t have any permission or authority to slow it down. Aaple had did it with older iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices. Some users claimed iPhone 7 is also running slower than before.

Samsung has many low range & mid range smartphones, runs very slow after few months. This is not related to it, almost all phones in these categories work slowly after few months of usage or in the heavy load. It need to be taken notice if high level smartphones like Galaxy S8Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone X doesn’t work as per their limitations. Do you feel any slowness with your smartphone then feel free to tell us about it.