Samsung Offers AKG N400 Earbuds with 2020 QLED 8K TV

AKG has finally decided to launch the AKG N400 wireless earbuds in the market. The AKG N400 wireless earbuds first appeared in the Samsung SmartThings app update back in July along with two other headphones. Now, it has emerged as a gift with a 2020 QLED 8K smart TV in the home country. At first, it will not be available to all the users but for those who purchase Samsung’s new 2020 QLED smart TV. When you buy the smart TV from the Samsung Website in South Korea, then you can claim earbuds for 50% off.

It is another fully wireless earbuds from AKG after N200. There is no official page from the company to reveal its features, though, as the image shows it available in Black color. We may see more color options for the earbuds when it openly available. As the AKG N400 earbuds are coming with 2020 QLED 8K smart TV we are near to see all its features. Last month, Samsung launched Galaxy Buds+ with many improvements over the previous version, which also marketed with Audio by AKG.

AKG N400 Earbuds

The Galaxy Home Mini is another product that emerges as a free gift with Galaxy S20 series smartphones in the home country. It might be Samsung’s marketing strategy to boost sales of its premium devices and now AKG N400 is part of it. The pre-sale benefit for 2020 QLED 8K smart TV has started in South Korea and available till 16th March. At the time of checkout, you can claim AKG N400 for 50% off. To get the offer, you can visit Samsung Digital Plaza in the near branch, where you have a chance to see the earbuds or you can go to the official Samsung website.