Samsung Pass & Digital Car Key Merged with Samsung Pay

Samsung has today announced to integrate its Samsung Pass into Samsung Pay. Now users can only access Samsung Pass from the Samsung Pay app. It will not hurt any existing features, and users can use them via the Pay app. The integration will take effect from the Samsung Pay app version 5.0 that you can install from Galaxy Store. The users who don’t use the Samsung Pay app, can for now use a separate Samsung Pass app.

After the integration, all the Samsung services like digital passes, cards, and smart locks will be accessible from Samsung Pay. The app will be supported for Android 9 or above version. We are not sure if it is called Samsung Wallet, or if there is another separate app for it. All the cards are stored here, but the company didn’t call it the Wallet app.

In Mexico, Samsung has separately launched Members Wallet app with all the services. Also with Samsung Pay, now users can send and receive money from the Blockchain app. Digital Key support has come to merge apps, and users can control their cars. Users can lock, unlock, open the trunk, find the car, start the engine, and open the sunroof.

Samsung Pass Merged with Pay

The app will let you store movie tickets and travel tickets in your home country. It has listed supported companies to use these tickets with. The VP of Digital Life Team, MX Division Samsung, Jini Han says it is the biggest update for Samsung Pay. It will beneficial for all the users in everyday life.

For some time, the company will keep supporting the separate Pass app, but soon it will end the support. It is the same with the Samsung Pay app. If the users don’t want to merge both apps, then they should avoid the latest update. Even question arises if don’t want to go with a new version, how many times you can skip the latest updates.