Samsung Planning To Launch New Galaxy M Smartphones

Samsung announced that it will scrap the lower mid-range Galaxy j series and planned to merge it with the premium galaxy A series. This way Samsung is planning to reorganize the entry level to high end smartphones series with new vigour. After the struggling with its Chinese rivals which is consuming its low-end smartphone market the Samsung devised this new strategy. Specially, in India where it is getting tough competition from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo & Vivo companies. To combat with its Chinese competitors, Samsung take this strategic decision to discontinue the Galaxy J series and merge it with the Galaxy A series.

This new step indicates that Samsung is planning to expand its Galaxy A series with the addition of more low-end smartphones into it. The scrapping of Galaxy J series is intended to provide the way for its premium Galaxy A series which will boost the sell of the series. The next step with this decision is to introduce new low-end smartphone series known as Galaxy M. Samsung changed its Galaxy On series which is available online only to the new Galaxy M. The Samsung is planning to launch the entry level to midrange smartphones under Galaxy M brand and other upper mid-range smartphones under the series Galaxy A with this reorganised plan.

Samsung Galaxy MThe Samsung Galaxy J series and Galaxy A series both are very popular among the mid-range smartphones. They are mostly popular and sold out in India and China, where company has sold millions of devices. Samsung Galaxy J2 series and Galaxy J7 series are most famous in these markets and Galaxy A series known for their remarkable features.

With these new strategies and the new Galaxy M and Galaxy A series devices, Samsung is directed to overhaul its series to introduce it in new form in the upcoming year. There is no date when company will launch its first Galaxy M smartphone into the market by discontinuing current Galaxy J models. What do you think Samsung will succeed in its new market strategy? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below.