Samsung Planning To Set Up Tizen Academy In India

India is the first country to taste Samsung’s home grown Tizen OS and its products. When Samsung decided to launch their first Tizen smartphone in world market then they chose India as a best platform for new born OS. Because India is one of the largest smartphone market in world and every day thousands of people buys new smartphones in the country. Samsung knows in India still half of the population doesn’t have smartphones or feature phones which is good platform to sell Tizen products to these new customers. 

Their this strategy hadn’t failed when they first launched their device in country, back in 2015 they introduced their first Tizen smartphone Samsung Z1 in India. In the mean time this device got huge response from customers who gave more courage to launch their next Samsung Z3 device in country which is also a successful gadget.

Now Samsung has decided to go one step ahead with their Tizen OS, this time they want to concentrate on software side of Tizen and its related functions. As the part of their strategy Samsung announced that they will educate new developers about Tizen apps and games. At this moment many users are facing problems due to lacks of handly apps in Tizen Store.

Tizen Academy India

Many users can’t find their everyday apps in store, like as video calling apps, voice calling apps, professional apps, financial apps and some well known games. To overcome this problem and to inspire new developers to build their new ideas with Tizen they are going to set up new hubs in Telangana state, India.

New Tizen Academy will produce new talent for Tizen devices and also they will create some handful apps for it. To promote Tizen, Samsung had tie-up with Gameloft and EA game developers to release their exclusive games on this platform. Samsung also in talk with Zept software platform to make their free voice calling service on Tizen.

The new Tizen Academy will set up in some major cities of Telangana state. As per the news those cities are Hyderabad, Nizamabad, Ranga Reddy and Medak, more cities would get into the list later. What you think readers is it mile stone move by Samsung to promote Tizen in India? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.