Samsung Posted Galaxy Buds+ & Buds Live Comparison Infographic

People who are planning to buy Samsung earbuds and want a proper comparison between the earbuds option available this year can see an infographic outlining published by Samsung comparing its Galaxy Buds+ and the Galaxy Buds Live. The infographics have clearly stated the difference of shape, design, colour options, price and utility of the same.

It states that the Galaxy Buds+ has a pill-shaped case while the Buds Live have more of a rounded square-shaped case. It also mentions that one comes with the dual-driver audio setup and the latter with just a single 12mm driver on each side, the Buds+ comes in 3 colour options of Blue, Purple, Black and White while the other comes in Mystic bronze, Mystic Black and Mystic White colour.

Galaxy Buds Live Comparison

Comfortable use and the unique design is given a thought in Buds Live while the superior quality sound for a better listening experience is focused on the other. Comparing the battery life of the two one comes with 270 mAh with a case while Buds Live comes with 472 mAh battery with a case.

The similarities between them are that they both use USB Type-C port, has fast wired charging as well as a wireless charging option. They both have an accelerometer, IR sensor, hall sensor, touch controls, and grip sensors but Buds Live comes with an addition of 2 sensors that is Gyro and Voice pickup unit. This step by the company has surely the users in-depth information and this will allow them to choose what suits them the best.