Samsung Released New Firmware Update On Gear S2

The users in Russia, Serbia and South Korea is now getting new firmware update for Gear S2. Today Samsung released this new software update with some new features on Gear S2. The first and main features on the new update is Flight Mode function which was absent on previous firmware. With the flight mode feature users can now able to stay out of wireless communication. They can turn off all channels with one button like as 3G coverage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions.

Another new added feature is new Digital Watch Face for new style and look for your smartwatch. Previously users was getting new watch faces from other capable devices, but now they can get it locally right from their smartwatch. The brightness will adjust itself according to outdoor environment in new Adaptive brightness feature. It also give manual update feature for news briefing app. Also there are some bugs fixes and improvements over pre installed apps and functions.


The firmware update is R732XXU2CPB7 and now roll out in Russia, Serbia and South Korea. The US and European countries are not on the list, they may get it in coming weeks. If you are from these three countries then go to update and install this new firmware for better experience. And yes also tell us your experience of this update on your Gear S2.