Samsung Shows Gaming Performance On Galaxy Note 9

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Noe 9 is surprise package for all Note users. Company has unveiled many features that are new and powerful to handle even more complex tasks. The main focus of Samsung on the device is to make Note 9 a perfect gaming smartphone. The fastest processor, more RAM, bigger battery and sharpest & largest display screen make it a device to play any kinds of premium quality game. Samsung fans always wanted to have one device which are fully dedicated to gaming purpose so Note 9 is the answer. The other rival Apple already had launched its gaming device with the release of iPhone 6 in 2014 along with iOS 7 version.

Now Samsung has shown demo of its new device about how it can change the experience of gamers to play console quality games. The launch of console exclusive game Fortnite is the start of it. The Fortnite always known as one of the most popular multi-player games on PlayStation, Xbox and PC version and its performance of Galaxy Note is outstanding. The smartphone provides smooth and stable performance in every inch without losing any detail.

Galaxy Note 9 Gaming

Thanks to Samsung’s new cutting-edge 10nm processor & 8GB RAM which is extremely fast to load every gaming content. The phone’s CPU & GPU combination will provide 33% & 23% better result than predecessor Galaxy Note 8 device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also features an on-device AI-based performance adjusting which regularly checks heat & performance of the game. The graphics intensive games will not lose any visual and other special effects, thanks to its upgraded GPU core. The larger 4000mAh battery power will lead you throughout the journey of gameplay like Fortnite which has lots of content to play.

The water carbon cooling system on new smartphone designed to put device in cool mode in the heavy gaming sessions. You can know more about all the new hardware and software features by visiting Samsung website. How many of you have bought Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for gaming? Tell us in the comment box below.