Samsung Started Mass Production Of 512GB Memory Storage 

Do you think 256GB memory storage is enough for your smartphone. If yes, then you are wrong. Samsung thinks you will need more than that and that’s why it is now mass producing 512GB eUFS storage for phones. In the market most smartphones & tablets supports upto 256GB internal storage, most of them runs on 32GB or 64GB memory support. Very few gadgets are selling with 128GB memory space and only few high end smartphones supports 256GB memory. Now this is too much space. Actually, it is the need of market. Today all high end smartphones are supporting 4K media content, it means more space will be needed for media & picture formats. And the 512GB eUFS memory storage will solve most of those problems.

The new memory has same dimension as 256GB, it don’t require more internal space. Samsung create it out of 64-layer 512 gigabit chips, while the older eUFS storage used 48-layer chips. The new memory will take only 6 seconds to copy 5GB file from the storage and 20 seconds to copy to it, lot more speed than current versions.

Samsung Memory Card

Samsung has promised customers can save upto 21 4K videos into new storage. Same as now we save same numbers of 1080p videos in today’s storage. It will support 860MB/s sequencial reads and 255MB/s sequencial writes.

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There is less chances we will see 512GB eUFS storage on next Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, may be it will come with Galaxy Note 9 device. Samsung also planning to launch 512GB Memory card for all its devices. What do you think we need this much storage on our smartphones or are you happy with your current storage. Express your mind in the comments box below.