Samsung to Introduce NEON Artificial Human on Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is likely to display its most talk latest technology NEON which are lifelike artificial humans that were first introduced by the company in CES 2020 earlier this year. For those who are unaware of this technology, it’s like a chatbot with a human face and personality. Imagine that your voice assistant had a face and a personality, and you can talk to it and ask genuine questions. For the crazy part, it’s like having a lifelong friend that will not only look human but also act like one.

It is also said to remember and recollect things while learning new things. According to the founder, it’s like” they’re like a related – yet different”. We can believe it’s an artificial form of the human species. At CES, the company showed many benefits of the technology in the banking sector, healthcare, news, and retail as well. The company is now leaning towards having NEON on their smartphones by December.NEON Human Artificial

It is expected to be on the phones before Christmas as the company is already testing it on Galaxy smartphones. NEONs are powered by STAR Labs’ Core R3 and SPECTRA technologies. It is yet to be cleared that will NEON come preinstalled in the smartphone or no and how will it work with other brands. Each NEON will have its own set of personality and it can be customized as per convenience.

Want to learn a language, don’t worry you can have your teacher with NEON. It can even teach you yoga and increase the difficulty after you unlock each level gradually, quite exciting right? I can’t personally wait for the next news to come up about this, and can’t wait for it to come on our smartphone sooner.Source