Samsung Used Old Communication Chips To Make Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung is the first smartphone manufacturer to launch the world’s first 5G smartphone, Galaxy S10 in the market. Now the confirmed news coming out claiming that Samsung had used old communication chips to build it. Later Samsung changed the specification of the device, but still, there some devices are running on old specifications. Samsung Says 90% of smartphones sold in April are using a new communication chip. It has sold 230,000 units of handsets in April, which means 23000 have not yet been updated. Last year, to build a chip, Samsung used September specification models, which was incompatible, found some problems, revised 50 items, when later it upgraded with December specifications.

On this controversy, Samsung official said, “Although I have to say I have to make it anyway, I want to go to the new standard. I know that the government and some of the operators have pushed it and adopted the old standard.” I think it’s because the communication quality has improved after actually updating.”

Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone in the market, but to make it before other competitors, the company decided to go with old chips. The report says there are still tens of thousands of smartphones running on old software. This is the reason many 5G devices affected in the initial malfunction of 5G services with unstable networks. The further report says, Samsung took this decision to stay one step ahead from its rival chip maker Qualcomm and to get a name as World’s first 5G maker for its own.

This is not the first time Samsung made this mistake. Galaxy Fold is another device in this year which is dealing with many issues. To launch the world’s first foldable phone before other rivals it was built in a hurry, that later created many hardware & software failures.

Source: Hankyoreh (Korean)