Samsung will Launch Galaxy Z Fold 3 with Bespoke Edition

Samsung’s two new foldable phones Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3 are selling like a hot cake. Both the devices have received huge demand that the company has to postpone delivery dates in many countries. Now, to maintain such high demand and to keep its dominance in the foldable market, Samsung is launching a new edition to the Z Fold 3. Samsung will soon launch the Bespoke Edition of the Z Fold 3 to give users more options. In this new edition, the company will give exclusive color options to users to choose from, like a Z Flip 3.

The Bespoke is Samsung’s home appliance brand, which lets users choose their customized colors. As per the news, in the home country, Z Flip 3 is much popular than the Z Fold 3. One of the reasons is Samsung offers exclusive colors for the Flip model, but not for the Fold model. In the 2,70,000 sold units since the launching, 70% of devices are Z Flip 3 & only 30% of Z Fold 3. It is the reason, Samsung is preparing to diversify its appearance options by adding Bespoke design.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Bespoke Edition

Now, the Samsung Community Manager has confirmed this news on the community forum. When the random user shared this news on the Samsung community, then the community manager has accepted this answer. It has also accepted the responses given by the users. It means we can see exclusive Bespoke designs for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in near future.

When Samsung launches Fold 3 with a Bespoke design, the users have to place an order first. Later, Samsung will make a device as per the user’s requirements. Right now, Z Flip 3 in South Korea is available in exclusive colors, where users have to first place orders for their exclusive model. Recently, Samsung has launched Thom Browne Editions, which sold out in few seconds. With the Bespoke design, Samsung wants to create some magic again.