Samsung Working on 250MP Camera Sensor

The competition to introduce a higher megapixel capacity camera smartphone is extending the boundaries of smartphone manufacturing industries. Now Samsung is working to develop a 250MP camera image sensor which will take the competition to the next level. Race for 108MP camera now becomes quite old and ambitious manufacturers like Samsung are further aiming high-level camera sensors up to 250MP. It further expands the limits of industry and motivates it to rival the human eyes.

Samsung is an ambitious player and is ready to join the race, it already introduced the Galaxy S20 series with 100+ MP cameras. At present Samsung is working on a large one-inch 150MP Nonacell sensor with high capability. Samsung’s 250 MP ISOCELL image sensor will be surely bigger up to one inch which results in the increase of camera bump at the back of the phone. Competition to introduce high megapixel capacity smartphones will also result in an increase in sensor size.

Samsung 250MP Camera

Samsung’s long-awaited 150MP sensor will soon enter into mass production and will be available with devices scheduled to launch in the latter half of the year. Galaxy S20 has Exynos 990 and sports a 108MP single sensor support. If the company’s upcoming smartphones like Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Note 20 comes with high-end Exynos or Snapdragon than the existing smartphones then they will come with a 150MP camera sensor. The megapixel rivalry is the driving force behind Samsung’s ambition.

Existing Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 supports 2×64 MP dual camera and a single 200MP. Obviously next version of the chipset may take the race to the next level with higher support. It is interesting to see how Samsung beat its rivals in the megapixel race.