Samsung Would Remove 3.5mm Jack With Galaxy Note 10

According to the predictions of some leaks its quite clear that Samsung is planning to eliminate 3.5mm headphone jack from its upcoming flagship smartphones. Probably, the Galaxy Note 10 or the Galaxy S11 which are planned to be launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively be among the first phones without headphone jacks. The rumours about this news made it easy to predict that Samsung will execute this plan in its 2019 premium smartphone. This is an attempt for the bid of wireless headphones but still there is no clear reason cited behind this move.

Very soon the headphone jacks will be disappeared from Samsung smartphones but still it’s not confirmed which device will be the first to observe this significant change. Most probably Galaxy Note 10 will be the first one but Samsung may also extend the idea to 2020 model Galaxy S11. The wireless headphones are becoming very popular and this may be the reason we can guess behind this strategic move.

Samsung Galaxy S9

To pave the way for wireless earphones in its upcoming devices is the fillip to the wireless headphones market which is experiencing robust growth. Strategy Analytics predicts that global market of wireless earphones will cross the 100million units by 2022.

The elimination of headphone jacks will be at the advantage of company as the extra space would be used for some different purpose. There are speculations that USB type C to 3.5mm converter will be offered by Samsung in the box. Through this strategic move Samsung adapted to the changing global demands and standards. The major manufacturers already adapted to the wireless headphone and now Samsung will be in this list. It is now matter of time that when Samsung confirms about the first smartphone without headphone jacks and we all are eager to experience digital audio solutions in the upcoming flagships.

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