Samsung Z2 Get New Minor Update In India

The Samsung Z2 users in India is now getting one new minor update from Samsung. It is just update to improve overall quality of software functions. The new update has released today and only Samsung Z2 users can download it. Samsung Z2 has already received 2.4.3 firmware update back in August but since then it didn’t received any major update. Last update was about Reliance Jio apps entry in Tizen Store and some other functions added into the device.

The minor updates in somehow very important for Tizen platform. Many times we saw some little crashes into the devices and in some functions. Some functions not works properly after some days and that’s why all the softwares becomes slow. It is well known that since many days default Samsung keyboard is not working properly. It is giving problem when we try to type something using it in the apps. With such updates these types of small errors or crashes has to finish, so users could get better services.

ACL enabled apps and Facebook apps are also giving many errors. Facebook services apps are many times started to force close apps without even properly opening them. Since last few days Facebook Messenger has been crashing a lot. Whenever we try to use it, within a few seconds it force closes the app. I think this new update could improve all the overall functions.

New Tizen Update

The new Tizen update has three new features which will improve quality of Tizen.

1. Device Stability improvements, bug fixes.

2. New and / or enhanced features.

3. Further improvements to performance

The Samsung Z2 users can download this new update from the smartphone. To do that go to Settings – About Device – Check for updates. Users can also install this update by using Samsung Kies software from the computer. It is still unclear when new Tizen 3.0 update is coming to existing smartphones. Till then you can use your devices using these small changes.